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Perfecting the Art of Imperfection

The Plight of Flight

The clouds, they glisten in the light. The engines roar, I listen, as they boast their might. Voices, they whisper, echo through the chamber of fright. While demons quiver and shiver in cold delight. The air grows stale, chilled, by the frosty night. Yet somehow I’m thrilled by this dreadful and eerie sight. The faces…

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Sin Cities

To sit here alone and wonder Of all the times that are no longer. Amidst the strangers who never ponder, The somber satisfaction of sin for which we all hunger. To sit here alone and wonder of time, More over, Of all wickedness yet to come, coming closer and closer. Many are done with no…

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Untitled (Awake)

I awake. Although it is silent, This was no escape. There’s a lingering sadness within my chest An everlasting torment to keep me from rest. And at best, I lie towards the heavens to guide me away from what I detest. My mind’s spiraling, Down into an abyss of the unknown. Yet somehow My mind…

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Everyday you see new construction sites building high rise concrete complexes.  Creating more homes for our ever growing population. Or tourist spots that are making so much bank that the government continues to develop these destinations. Creating louder noises like faster cars that roar through the concrete landscapes. That loud high pitch pedestrian crossing light…

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Dreams & Reality: Round 1

Dreams… Reality… What are they? They both seem so real. Or rather they are real. Every night I wake up to my dreams, and everyday I wake up to this ‘reality’. Sometimes there’s no way in telling where I’m at, I lose track… both are so vivid. Conjuring all kinds of emotions and images, affecting…

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The Solitary One

Inhale… Exhale…… flick the thumb, then repeat. Inhale… Exhale…… “Let it cuddle your lungs, let it drift off of your tongue”, I told myself. Staring into the night sky. Looking for a star to catch my eye. There’s one. No wait… that’s too bright to be a star, it may just be a satellite… Funny…

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When You Realise

It’s gone too fast. The time. How do we adapt? The time has come and gone. And now, it’s just memories of our reality. I still remember clearly, well, vividly, turning 18 and rampaging through the streets of this new city. But now I sit and ponder the questions of what could be, of what…

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