Artistry is everywhere. I am but an avid explorer.

Everyday we face an aberration of thoughts influenced by unique experiences that moulds the differences between us. However, no matter what we do, there is a sense of connection within the disconnection. A story that can be felt. A story that can be discovered no matter what living entity it may be. I am but a curious explorer anxious to uncover these stories that are waiting to be discovered.

Get Inspired Quotes

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.

Edgar Allan Poe

My creative work are inspired by personal experiences and interactions with the world. Social issues, friendships, relations, work and observations influence the fabrications that are laid out here.

This site is dedicated for the enjoyment of everyone and a platform that I have made for sharing these experiences, and to connect to others out there. Everyone has their own take, and I’d enjoy nothing more than diving into the creative minds such as yours!

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