My Creations

Please feel free to browse through my work and to follow me on my instagram: @jatney for faster updates! #jatneyart

Art Gallery

A page dedicated to the art of imperfection, my works. I have always enjoyed exploring the darker side of art, it could be because our cities have been built on bombarding everyone with the notion of instant gratification, pleasure and happiness; or maybe I just like it rough 😛

But feel free to browse through my artwork, that mainly consists of illustrations. Leave a comment on anything that you think that I should create an illustration of and if I have time I will work on it!

Music Packages

There is no better release than touching and fingering my main lover… my guitar. I am an avid lover of music, with my taste ranging from classical music, jazz, hip hop all the way to death metal. I just like music, if a song is good its good.

The main aspect that makes me enjoy almost any genre of music is the way in which it can communicate a completely different perspective and outlook on life experiences than to the ones that I have. This is why I have taken it upon myself to record some guitar riffs for you to download and use for your music production/creation as part of my own social experiment. I am curious to see what flows into YOUR creative minds when listening to the riffs that I have made.