Hey, Doll.

- jatney

Perfecting the Art of Imperfection
Artistry is everywhere. I am but an avid explorer.
Everyday we face an aberration of thoughts influenced by unique experiences that moulds the differences between us. However, no matter what we do, there is a sense of connection within the disconnection. A story that can be felt. A story that can be discovered no matter what living entity it may be. I am but a curious explorer anxious to uncover these stories that are waiting to be discovered.

The Other.

Anustart. Make it great.


The Illustrator
Diving into the depths of modern society uncovers a new pleasure that is often not commercially advertised, the pleasure of turmoil. It is only then that one can realise that the world around you is a complex being that revolves around instant gratification and suffering. It can make one’s heart ache, and yet it is so seductive. There is a beauty within the paradox.
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Kings & Queens
A piece about equality.
There are kings in our queens, and queens in our kings. 
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It is time for a new beginning. America.
It's time to move on, right?
F*ck this guy.
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The Other.
An original art piece to illustrate introspection and
what lies beneath the depths of your shadows.
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